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Piedousi is similar to a popular board game with black and white disks, whereby player surrounds his opponent's disks in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction, then flip opponent's disks to player's color. In the game of Piedousi, player plays pie, and tries to flip as many donuts as possible to pies while trying to avoid penalties by landing on bugs or poops, and trying to land on fruits to gain extra points. Player plays against the intelligent Donutobot who is capable of forcing its opponent to land on bugs or poops while trying to land on fruits to gain points.


  • Fun, challenging and great time killer while waiting in queue or travelling.
  • Nice music and sound effect.
  • No separate setting screens, so that changes can be made easily.
  • Intelligent Donutobot.
  • Exit the game anytime, it will resume at where player last left off.
  • Ad free, no resources wasted on bandwidth, CPU and memory.
  • No in-app purchases.